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Mitch Manz, owner of Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing, started his locally owned and operated line striping and pressure washing company based out of Olathe, Kansas, in early 2020. First, he began offering residential and commercial pressure washing services. Then too, as his business has grown, so have his services. Currently he offers parking lot striping and line striping services, concrete cleaning & sealing, as well as house & roof wash services.


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About Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing Company

Manz Line Striping & Pressure Washing

Mitch has an extensive background in construction management and concrete. With this experience, Mitch educates home and business owners about extending the lifetime of their home and concrete structures through proper maintenance. Some of those forms of maintenance include regularly cleaning concrete of dirt and grime, followed by sealing the concrete with a high-quality sealer to make it more resistant to wear and tear and damaging salts in the wintertime. After all, another form of maintenance includes removing stains, mold, algae, and grime from home and business structures.

Then too, Mitch offers line striping services for all your business needs. He has experience ranging from line striping gas station lots to large commercial trucking lots to small office parking lots. Whatever your business needs, Mitch is happy to provide you a complimentary consultation and quote!

Mitch is trustworthy, fair, honest, and conscientious and leaves his jobs done right. He ensures that his customers are completely satisfied with the end result. Mitch will provide A+ service and takes great pride in his work. He has many repeat customer requests for his services as well as customer referrals.

Mitch runs a family-oriented line striping & pressure washing company and has a wife and 2 young children, whom he adores. Being a doting husband and father, he understands your home helps center the family unit and brings family together. Certainly, Mitch wants to ensure that your home is well-maintained, looking its best for you and your family to enjoy it. By providing services such as line striping, residential pressure washing, commercial pressure washing, concrete cleaning and sealing, and house and roof wash, Mitch can help you take pride in your home or business.

Call, text, or email Mitch today to get a free estimate on any home or business project you have!

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